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Principal Message

Dawn of altogether a new era has set not only in our mother land but its silver line has made its presence felt over the horizon of whole world. This era encompasses dynamism and honesty.

Now, this dynamism at national level would he practicable only with a knowledgeable mass of citizens. And it's here, where SWEET BLOSSOMS SCHOOL, SARDULGARH(SBSS) has its niche. it (SBSS) has already made a move in this direction. We at SBSS envisage making our mother country a Developed Nation rather than a Developing Country. And as already said we are striving to transform the innocent children to mellow, responsible yet dynamic citizens.

Though, as an institute SBSS is in its infancy yet it has already carved its rank in the arena of academic society of the area. And for this the credit goes to solicitous parents, responsive teaching & administrative staff, the far sighted vision of members of School Management Committee and of Course to students who are putting their maximum efforts.

I feel obliged that you all have reposed faith in me to handle this challenge to transform our younger into citizen teeming with knowledge and honesty.


-Gurpreet Kaur

Principal Message