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Guideline for Parents

1. You are advised to maintain a continues generous & friendly contact with the school to get the best form the school.

2. We have earnestly recommended that parents and guardians should look upon their ward's school diary on regular basis so as to ensure that the lessons and homework assigned for the day is completed. Remark made in the diary should be noticed and counter signed regularly.

3. The name of the class and section of the pupil should be clearly marked on all the belongings.

4. Parents should not visit students in their class rooms during school hours.

5. Parents should send a duly signed intimation to the school office while sending somebody else to receive their child from the school.

6. The child suffering from and communicating disease should not be send to school till he/she is fully recovered

7. The school office and the class teacher must be informed regarding a change in residential, address telephone numbers.